Live in Alley

2007 - 2012

“Live in Alley” is aimed to capture the atmosphere, lifestyle and community of one of the most iconic architectural urban fabrics in China.

This series intended above all as a testament to a traditional past, a non-city dwellers neighborhood atmosphere, and a place of remembrance. China nostalgic alleys and courtyards are slowly being demolished or incorporated into a different scale for mass population within the metropolis urban fabric. Community living will be redefined with the rapid development of modern China, which shocks most.

Chapter 1 - Lilong
Shanghai, China, 2007-2010

Chapter 2 - Tongli
Jiangsu, China, 2008

Chapter 3 - Hutong
Beijing, China, 2007-2012

Chapter 4 - Xiguan
Guangzhou, China, 2010

Housed mainly working class people, which materialistically defined as poor. The living condition of the past in today’s standard is known to be tightly spaced, unsanitary and deprived of basic resources. Walking through the alleys, the feeling of friendliness and happiness of the community shines above all, the place gives a strong sense of community.

With its slogans "One World, One Dream" and "Better City, Better Life" that replaced political propaganda, possibly beneficial for the generations to come. Amongst the advancement of the country, the transition of community living remains a huge leap which affects people in different levels.

As the neighborhood is on the verge of gentrification, the series of photographs freezes the moments of small scale cultural vibrancy before the demolition and uprooted of a century old community.

Chapter 5 - Tomorrow China
2007 - 2012

(Last chapter is still in progress...)

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