Thien-Ty Ly

Hong Kong 

French photographer, a Chinese descendant, Thien-Ty Ly was born in Hà Tiên, Kiên Giang a small town neighboring the banks of Mekong, his family immigrated through Thailand before joining Paris, France were he grew up. A four years stint in China led him to move to Hong Kong, which has now become his home and and also his main source of inspiration that keeps him continuously captivated. 

His photos delve into the hidden stories found in landscapes, lifestyle, portraits and far-flung travel destinations. As a practicing architect, Thien-Ty Ly photography recalls the many qualities of architecture that touch the heart. Portraits that tell important, personal stories. Lifestyle shots that speak of cultural and societal perspectives blended with individual style. Landscapes and cityscapes that give indication of history and tradition, while also providing hints of a future yet to come.

“I am passionate to capture spontaneously by placing the human figure at the heart of my concerns and wonders about the relationship that people has with his environment in everyday moments.”

“shots of life… shots of you…”

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